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Skeletal Case Study answers
1. Fracture is a compound transverse fracture.
2. The skin is compromised by an open fracture, providing an entry point for
bacteria and other microorganisms. The protruding bone has also been
exposed to a non-sterile environment, which could result in an infection in
the bone called osteomyelitis.
3. Surgery is performed so that the broken ends of the bone can be secured
together by pins or wires. A cast was applied to keep the aligned ends of the
bones immobile until healing of the fracture has occurred.
4. The process should take between 2-3 months.
5. Damage to a nutrient artery could slow the healing process.
6. Electrical stimulation, ultrasound therapy or addition of bone substitutes to
the fractured area may be tried.
7. Not very likely. Adult cartilage is avascular so no new cartilage will grow in
area where damage has occurred.