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Campaign Slogan: See What Spots Can Do for You
Age: 17 Grade: 11th
School: The Pembroke Hill School
How long have you been involved with Paints?
Four years
Other Horse-Related Interests:
I have been involved in the 4-H horse project for eight years.
Non-Horse Related Interests:
My non-horse related 4-H interests include the Cat Project, Leadership
Project, and Veterinary Science Project. I am also a member of The
Pembroke Hill Junior Varsity Public Forum Debate Team:
Offices held:
In my 4-H Club I have held the offices of Reporter, Vice President, and
four times as President. I have served as Secretary, twice as PresidentElect, and President of the Jackson County 4-H Council; as well as
President of the Jackson County Equine Council. I served as both Princess
and Queen of Jackson County. Two years ago I served as the County
Youth Liaison for Jackson County. I am currently a West Central Regional
Representative on the Missouri 4-H State Council. In the Missouri Junior
Paint Horse Club I have served as Vice President for two consecutive
Community Activities:
I am currently the Volunteer Assistant Coach of the Jackson County Horse
Bowl and Hippology Team. In 4-H I have donated over twenty hours of
service to my community doing assorted projects such as caroling at the
local nursing home and doing yard work for the elderly. Over the summer I
donated forty hours of service to my local therapeutic riding center, Sugar
Creek Equinapy. I am currently working on another service project to help
Sugar Creek rebuild after a devastating barn fire.
What would you like to see accomplished while you are an officer? How
would you accomplish these things?
I would like to see an increased participation in both the walk trot and the
13& under categories. I would also like to see more 4-H youth move up into
showing in the APHA. I would accomplish these goals by continuing to
assist the Painting Relations committee, as well as by promoting the APHA
at our local and state 4-H events. We have many younger children in the 4H that have the ability to move up into showing APHA and they just need
the encouragement to join.