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1. The early history of Western music was dominated by:
2. The embellishment of the musical line, with devices such as trills, mordents and
grace notes.
3. The Mass was broken into five sections what are those sections?
4. Another term for Gregorian chant.
5. What are the two principal keyboard instruments of the Baroque era?
6. Which of the following modes are not medieval modes.
7. What are the two most universal stylistic elements of Baroque music?
8. Define a cappella:
9. A Latin religious choral composition, that is secular in composition or a work for
soloist(s) and instrumental accompaniment, in any language, with or without a
10. What does the English word baroque mean and what is the origin?
11. True or False: Renaissance music is characterized by what is called ”unequalvoice polyphony," in which a simple texture of different voices creates a more or less
continuous, harmonious work.
12. True or False: Music of the Renaissance Period is still based on modes, but
gradually more accidentals creep in.
13. The medieval modes were traced back to ancient:
14. What were the principal ensemble instruments used in Baroque music?
15. A solemn dance in duple meter, with participants stepping and stopping
16. What was the Baroque musicians major concern when composing or performing
the music?
17. What is the essence of the most important form, The Sonata, of the classical
18. True or False: The fundamental trait of Romanticism is boundlessness?
19. Which two composers expanded the size of the orchestra and incorporated new
instruments of the Romantic Period?
20. Who were the four great composers of the Classical Period?
21. Composers of the 20th century period used this technique to portray veiled
illusionary effects?
22. With all the different tone colors, tonal systems, and varied rhythms this aspect
of 20th century was unpredictable?
23. True or False The melodies are short, lyrical melodies with regular phrases;
Wide, somewhat angular skips; extensive use of chromaticism; vivid contrasts; a
variety of melodic ideas within one movement.
24. True or False: Twentieth century music reflects the influences of art and
literature in a mechanistic, atomic age.
25. Expression markings of the Romantic Period become?
26. One of the great contributions to the classical era?
27. True or False: Influences such as acoustic instruments and blues, rock, and
popular elements are associated with this period.
28. What are six characteristics of 20th century music?
29. True or False: Romantic music was almost entirely homophonic. It assimilated
older elements, especially the revival of polyphony and Baroque forms, and a
greater interest in modal techniques returned.
30. One of the most important developments of the Classical period?