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Lord Shiva and Sexual Energy
Lord Shiva is the third person of the Hindu Trinity: Brahma the Creator, Vishnu
the Preserver, and Shiva the Destroyer. In many ways, he is very similar to the
Holy Ghost of Metaphysical and Mystic Christianity, as well as Shekhinah of
Kabalic Judaism and Sophia of Gnostic Christianity.
Shiva is arguably the only really cool god. He sits around in a loincloth, gets
stoned and meditates for thousands of years with cobras around his neck. He’s
inclined to do the dance of destruction once in a while and just check out his
taste in women – Durga and in particular, Kali, are not goddesses most would
want to wake up to.
To his followers Shiva is sometimes seen as everything in one – Creator,
Preserver, Destroyer and tooth fairy all in one. His traditional role as the
Destructor is not seen as something negative. It is more seen as the process of
change and passing away so that new things may come.
Shiva is the god of yogis as such a steadfast ascetic and celibate. Although with
pure Indian logic he’s also a passionate lover and the snakes around his neck
represent his kundalini sexual energy. He is often worshipped through the
lingum, a huge clay phallus that will be drenched in milk mixed with bhang,
resin from marijuana leaves.
He’s a favourite god of many sadhus. They will cover themselves with ashes,
dress in saffron and praise his name each time they smoke a chillum.
Among his many traits, Shiva is ascetic par excellence. Shiva's contemplation
takes him to the reaches to human experience, which includes experiences of the
spiritual as well as physical bodies. Unlike Christian or Buddhist Monasticism
or Jewish Orthodoxy, sexuality is sacred to Shiva. Sex is a means of reaching
ecstasy, the outer limit of life, where life and death, the physical and
metaphysical (or supernatural) meet.
Shiva's sexuality is indiscriminate. In his ultimate sexual experience, Shiva is
trampled to death by Kali, one of his wives, who is also the Goddess of
Destruction and Rebirth. Shiva is so enraptured by his own death that the dead
Shiva gets an erection (the erection to surpass all erections!) and impregnates
Kali in a sexual act so robust that it destroys not only the world and the universe,
but existence itself. Kali, then, gives birth to a reincarnated Shiva and a new
At another time, Shiva was having sex another of his wives, Shakti. They were
engaged in intercourse for millennia, and Shiva still had not ejaculated. In their
passion, the two became one being, a half-man and a half-woman, in perfect
union. Their copulation was interrupted by someone at the door. Shiva,
unabashed, answered the door in his resplendent nakedness with his
magnanimous erection for all to see. A young, handsome Indian boy was at the
door, and Shiva was overwhelmed by the boy's beauty: Shiva lost control and
immediately came all over the boy, drowning the boy in his semen. The boy
emerged a God.
The central private acts of worshiping Shiva are unabridged sex and hermetic
meditation, the two extremes of physical and spiritual experience. The primary
public act of worship is pouring libations of milk, yoghurt, curds, cream, honey
and oil over Shiva's altar-phallus called a Shiva Lingum. Every Hindu temple in
the world (except for the Krishna temples) has such an altar to Shiva.
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