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Hindu Passage
Complete the following passage, filling in the missing blanks
with the words provided.
dance, shrine, nine, power, Karma, happiness, Avatar, Puja,
India, Goodness, sunset, destroyer, Aum, Ganesha,
samsara, years, Brahma, Rama, reincarnation, Shiva,
sunrise, Moksha, Parvati, preserver, Brahman, Mandir,
Hinduism began in ______ more than 5,000 _____ ago. The
three main gods in Hinduism are ______, Vishnu, ______.
These gods are important because they help make up the great
______, also known as _______.
Vishnu is the _____ god and he destroys evil and restores
_______ in the world. Vishnu has come to earth _______
times. Each form is called an _______. The two most famous
ones are Lord Krishna and Lord _______.
Shiva is known as Lord of the _______. He is the ______ god.
Shiva is married to ________ and their son is ________.
Hindus believe in _______ which means that they are reborn.
Their next life depends on their ______. This cycle is known
as ______. Their main goal is to reach ______, which means
perfect _______.
Hindus worship is called ______. They can do this in the home
and in a ______. The usual times for worship are ______ and
______. Hindus worship in front of a ______, which is
decorated with flowers and an image of their favourite god.
Prayers start with the sacred word _____, and the holy book
is read, this is called the _____.