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Madisson Geddes
Brooke Lissy
Cheyenne Stewart
What is a Mineral?
A mineral is a naturally occurring,
homogeneous inorganic solid substance
having a definite chemical composition
and characteristic crystal structure, color,
and hardness.
The characteristics of
 Color: dark green brown or black.
Streak: white
Transparency: transparent to translucent.
Luster: glossy, vitreous, pearly.
Cleavage: perfect in one direction.
Fracture: uneven when seen.
Hardness: 2.5
Where and Why?
Biotite is:
 Is mostly found in igneous and
metamorphic rocks
 Found in chunks called books
 Is used for display mineral collections
 Used to find the history of
metamorphic rocks
Types of Rocks
Igneous- is formed through the cooling of
magma or lava
Metamorphic- formed through heat and
Sedimentary- formed by sedimentation,
weathering and erosion
Rocks with Biotite
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