Download ISEF Safety Regulations 2016 - Bartlesville District Science Fair

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Living Organisms, including
Soil, Sand, Rock, even if
encased in acrylic
Taxidermy specimens
Human or Animal food
Human/Animal parts or
fluid (blood, urine)
Plant Materials (living, dead
or preserved) in raw state
Batteries with open top cells
Glass or glass objects
(exceptions: pc screens)
Chemicals including H2O
(no water)
All hazardous substances or
devices (poisons, drugs,
Items that may have
contained or been in contact
with hazardous chemicals
3-D printers (new)
Dry Ice or sublimating solids
Sharp items (syringes,
Flames or flammable
Limited to 120 volts at the PRC
Electrical power supplied to the project is 120
or 220 volt, AC, single phase, 60 cycle
No Multi phases
No exposed wiring
Low voltage lighting
Power is off when exhibit is vacant
 Class 1 and Class 2 are
 Must avoid
Apparatus producing
extreme temperatures
must be insulated
All rotating parts (belts,
pulleys) that are
unshielded will be used
as display only
Sounds, lights, odors
must not be distracting
(pre approved to be
used for judging)
Nothing stored
underneath booth.