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Symbiotic Relationships
• Relationships between organisms in a
• Include both beneficial & harmful
One species benefits, other not harmed
• Barnacle living on whale’s back
• Birds & grazing animals
• Clown fish and stingray
Two species live together & both benefit
• Tiny fish living within larger fish mouth
• Stinging ants & bull’s horn acacias
One organism lives on or inside another
organism & harms it. It needs a host to
• Leech
• Lice
• Tapeworm
Predator and Prey
• Prey – food source
• Predator - hunts the prey
Inter Specific Competition
• Is a form of competition in which
individuals of Different species compete
for the same resource in an ecosystem
• Example: Food
Intra Specific Competition
• Form of competition in which members of
the SAME species vie for the same
resource in an ecosystem
• Example: food, light, mates