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How does your School Head
choose the School Counselor
or Guidance Teacher for your
What would be the attitude of an
ideal Guidance Counselor?
Divide participants into 7 groups
Each group will think of an ideal
Guidance Counselor and they will
list the attitudes of a Guidance
Counselor using a manila paper.
The group will choose one
representative to present the
group’s output.
1. What did you realize while listing
the attitudes of the Counselor ?
2. What do you feel after your group
listed the attitudes of a Counselor?
The Attitudes of GUIDANCE
Empathy is the ability to understand
and share the feelings of others. You
need to be able to put your self in the
shoes of your client.
Be patient with the clients as they process
the discussion. It may take them time to
accept certain things and to move towards
positive changes. Some people need to
discuss something many times before they
are prepared
to make move in any
particular direction. Also, you are not likely
to see large changes in a client, for you
must rejoice over small victories.
Good listener
Counselors spend a significant
amount of time listening to their
clients. You will do more listening
than talking, the Counselors must
give the clients time to express their
feelings, desires, and stories.
must have
courage to pursue their
passions and be passionate
about life and their work.
Have a sincere concern on
the welfare of the client or
A Counselor involves a significant
amount of time spent researching.
You will read books and articles to
stay current on the research to help
the client
Counselor is real, open. sincere, and
authentic who avoid phoniness or the
playing of superior role. It implies
honesty without cruel confrontation
the helper is deeply himself not
thinking or feeling one thing and saying
something different. Do not hide
behind masks, or facades.
Emotional Stability
A Counselor must have an ability
to remain calm or keel when faced
with pressure or stress, when a
person is emotional unstable he
tends to react with harmful
behaviour when provoked .
Ability to encourage is important
to a counselor. Many client are
struggling to find hope in their
situation. One of the primary jobs
of counselor involves instilling
hope in a hopeless individual.
Deeply Involved
Deeply involve in your work
and derive meaning from it.
Can accept rewards from
flowing from their work, yet
they are not slaves to their
Does this attitudes look like
monumental and unrealistic?
Who could ever be those things?
A given trait may be a characteristic
of you, at one extreme, or it may be
uncharacteristic of you, we are hoping
that we will examine ourselves and
develop our own concept of what
attitudes that are essential to strive to
promote our own personal growth.
Share a Story to My Partner
 Share
your experience to your
partner, showing one or more of the
discussed attitudes of a Guidance
Counselor and how it helped your
client or student.
Draw an image of you at
the center of a short bond
paper and list your
characteristics as a
Guidance Counselor and
list all the characteristics
you still need to develop.
The best part of us is inside.
We make mark as we touch
other lives.
We make mistakes, we erase .
But we become better us we are