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Greater Japanese Empire
• Formation of modern nation-state capable of
resisting western intrusion & domination
• Begins with Civil War when Emperor Meiji’s forces
able to defeat the last Sho______ & Sam_______
= Military supported by Modern Weapons & Tactics
• Gather information on western social & economic
systems to bring M______________ to Japan
• Rapid industrialization & militarization
= "Enrich C_________ & Strengthen M___________“
= Emergence as 2oth century world power
= Competing with Western Nations (Econ & Politics)
• Imperialism goal = Conquest of lands in Asia & Pacific
= Asian _____________________________________
• National development & Internal stability:
- West____________ of Gov, Econ, Society
• Emphasis on expanding Military & Economic power:
- Industry & T____________
- Economy based on importing raw materials
& exporting products like T____________
- Concentration of Businesses into few major
enterprises/corporations – Z____________
(like Mitsubishi & Yasuda)
“The rise of Japan to a world power during the past 80
years is the greatest miracle in world history. The mighty
empires of antiquity, the major political institutions of the
Middle Ages and early modern era, the Spanish Empire,
the British Empire, all needed centuries to achieve their
full strength. Japan's rise has been meteoric. After only 80
years, it is one of the few great powers that determine the
fate of the world.”
- Albrecht Fürst von Urach
• New style of Gov = C___________ M___________
= Emperor Himself has Right of Sov___________
(ultimate Power)… but according to provisions of
the Constitution – with a D______ (Congress)
• Supreme command of A_______ & N________
• Responsible for Economic
modernization - including
"model factories"
• Adoption of S_________ of I_____________
to prevent foreign states from blocking access to
raw materials & crucial sea-lanes
• Expanding N______ to defend the vital resources
essential for expansion
• Japan begins plan to
build an extensive
empire in East Asia
• Sino-Japanese War (vs China) = control of K_____
• R_________-Japanese War fought for control of
Ports Arthur + Vladivostok
• 1st modern war where A________ country defeats
major European power
- greatly raised Japan's
stature in world affairs
• Seize opportunity - European countries distracted
by War … Japan expands its Sphere of Influence in
A_____ & P_________ regions
• Allied with Britain to wage war on G___________
to take over their colonies in Asia & Pacific region
• Industrialization requires heavy resources – Japan
has critical lack … therefore, reliant on overseas
• Iron ore, rubber, & _______
• Acquiring resource-rich territories could establish
economic self-sufficiency & independence
• M____________ & northern China
• Competition with S________ U_________
• Japanese troops crushed a major Chinese garrison
– killing 300,000 - including c___________
• Turns public opinion against Japanese expansion
- USA responds with E__________ S___________
*cutting off vital resources such as iron & oil
• Faced with losing resources from USA
• Tri-_________ with Nazi Germany & Fascist Italy
• Plans of securing new sources of raw materials
from Malaysia and the E______ I________
• Occupation of more Indochina
(Vietnam & Cambodia)
• Occupation of East Indies
(Malaysia & Singapore)
• Result: US expanding econ sanctions
(oil & scrap steel embargo)
• Result: Heightened potential of war
with Communist Soviet Union (Russia)