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CIS3700 Local Area Network
Certification Exercise 2
Student Name: ___________________________
LAN Transmission Equipment
1. In which OSI layer does a repeater operate?
a) Network
b) Physical
c) Data Link
d) Transport
2. What does the last three octets of the MAC address 00 B0 D0 5A E1 B5 identify?
a) the Device ID
b) the type of device
c) the manufacturer of the device
d) the network address of the device
3. In which two OSI layers does a NIC operate? (Choose two.)
a) Network
b) Session
c) Physical
d) Data Link
e) Transport
f) Application
g) Presentation
4. Which is a valid MAC address
a) 0x0000007B
b) 51:50:VH:OU:81:2
c) 00:B0:D0:5A:E1:B5
d) 0103FBA1:00000001
5. Which device directs the data packets to all nodes on the LAN segment?
a) Router
b) Hub
c) Switch
d) Firewall
6. Which network device(s) pass data based solely on the MAC address?
a) hub
b) router
c) bridge
d) switch
7. According to industry standards, at which OSI layer does a switch operate?
a) Network
b) Physical
c) Transport
d) Data Link
8. Which network device provides public to private network security and may use
Network Address Translation (NAT)?
a) Hub
b) Bridge
c) Switch
d) Firewall
9. Which device connects multiple computers to create a single logical network segment?
a) Hub
b) NIC
c) Router
d) Bridge
10. Devices on a Token Ring network need to access files on a server in an AppleTalk
network. Which device connects the two networks?
a) hub
b) bridge
c) switch
d) gateway
11. What device can translate between dissimilar network protocols?
a) Router
b) Gateway
c) Bridge
12. Which device operates in the Network layer and the Data Link layer?
a) Router
b) Brouter
c) NIC
d) Bridge
13. What multiport device connects network segments and allows full bandwidth on all
a) Repeater
b) Hub
c) Switch
d) MAU
14. Which routing method requires the most administrative overhead?
a) Bridging
b) Static
c) Dynamic
d) Relay
15. You need to connect three network segments where one segment is using TCP/IP and
NetBEUI, and the other two segments use NetBEUI alone. Which hardware device
should you use?
a) Hub
b) Router
c) Gateway
d) Brouter