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Science & Technology
Early Stage 1
Unit: Built Environments – Local Buildings
Main Ideas
1. Learning Tasks
The local area
Make a simple map of how to get to the local shops. Identify and
draw the places that have to be passed to get there.
Draw plans of buildings or local streets in the sand. Use rocks or
stick to represent features.
Local buildings:
Make a model.
2. Learning Tasks
Identify the purposes of local buildings:
petrol station; post office; newsagent; train station…
Make a model of some local buildings or shops using food
boxes or similar. Identify each building and label.
3. Learning Tasks
Investigating properties of
Display a sample of timber, glass and brick.
1. List the features of each material:
Weight; feel; strength; shade; transparency; stiffness…
2. Identify the best use for each material.
3. Identify a local building that uses this material extensively.
Record this information in a table.
4. Learning Tasks
Activities is built
On small squares of paper, draw activities that are done at
school and activities that are done in local buildings. Categorise
into similar (eating, talking…) and different (buying petrol,
singing songs…).
Use playdough to make a model of a local building or landmark.
Design & Make
5. Learning Tasks
Design and make a building with set criteria from blocks or
construction materials/toys. Explain the features of the built
environment. Record with a digital camera.