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“Van der Waals Equation” as
Described in the Educational
Van der Waals
Equation of State of Gases and Luquids
Tsukuba University of Technology
Mechanical system course
Miho Nagai
★ The presentation is to discuss about the van der Waals
equation of state of gases.
★ The presentation materials were prepared utilizing
PowerPoint animation technique. The presenter leaned
the animation technique taking this opportunity.
★ The presentation explains the equation of state of real
gases with the introduction of van der Waals.
★ The presentation also contains the presenter’s future
dreams as well as an effective technique of telling
things which are hard to understand.
Johannes Diderik van der Waals
Brief Summary of Biography
★ Born in Leiden, Netherland.
★ (23 November 1837~ 8 March 1923)
Brief Summary of Biography
★ Van der Waals learned scientific knowledge by himself
to gain the qualifications to become a teacher of primary
school as well as junior high school.
★ He learned physics in the University of Leiden, while
being a teacher.
What a great
person he is!
Let’s have a look at
Brief Summary of Biography
★ Van der Waals was much influenced by Rudolf
Clausius’ treatise on ideal gas.
★ He studied physics while Van der Waals
being a principal of junior
high school.
Rudolf Clausius
★ State Diagram of Ideal Gas
The state diagram of
ideal gas shows gas
phase only. Other
phases were not
known at the time.
Scientific Work
★ Doctoral thesis “Continuity between Liquids and gases” at
the age of 36, 1873
This thesis on real gases was prepared referring to
those on ideal gas.
 The equation of state of gases and liquids was
introduced considering the intermolecular force and
the volume of molecule itself.
Maxwell said, “The name of van der
Waals would be written down at the
leading edge of molecular science
and his treatise would motivate
people to learn Dutch”.
(Famous for electromagnetism)
Awarded the Nobel Prize !!
★ Creation of van der Waals’ state equation
★ Awarded the Nobel Prize for “Research on
physical states of gases and liquids” at the
age of 73 in 1910.
Gases and Liquids are
固固相 Solid phase
液相 Liquid phase
Gas phase
臨界点 Critical point
Triple point
Solid phase
Liquid phase
Gas phase
The diagram shows both of gas and liquid
Intermolecular Force
Molecular Size
臨界点 Critical
三重点 Triple point
★ Van der Waals’ state equation had
become the most famous among those
equations that described the behavior of
real gases. Afterwards, Clausius, Virial,
and others also proposed state equations
on real gases, but they were all based on van
der Waals’ equation.
The presenter will enter the
graduate school of Joetsu
University of Education
(JUE) in April to specialize
the course of specially
supported education.
It is attractive that it takes 3
years to obtain a teacher’s
license in JUE, while 4 years
in other university.
The presenter would like to
become a mathematics
teacher in a school of deaf
persons to give students
easy-to-understand lessons
with maximum utilization of
PowerPoint animation