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A metamorphic rock is a rock that has…(complete the sentence)
What Are Rocks?
Guiding Question:
What are the natural earth processes involved in rock formation?
Igneous Rocks
How does igneous rock form?
Metamorphic Rocks
Science Reader p. 9-12
What two forces cause rocks to change?
2 common types of metamorphic rock:
What is slate formed from? ________________
What is marble formed from? ______________
What causes different types of igneous rock to have different
sized crystals?
The rock cycle is…(complete the sentence)
List some examples of igneous rock:
What causes rocks to weather?
______________, ________________, _______________, ______________
How does Sedimentary rock form?
Sedimentary Rocks
What are sediments?
Sedimentary rocks are formed by the processes of _________ or
Three Types of Sedimentary Rock:
______________ sand-sized sediments, has a rough texture
______________ smaller sediments, has a gritty texture
______________ tiny pieces of clay and silt, has a smooth
The Rock Cycle
Draw and label the different stages of the rock cycle