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Intelligence as perspective
Intelligence as
why interesting?
AI as research tradition
dealing with humans
helge hüttenrauch,
[email protected]
Theoretical Perspectives on HCI
70’s logical (rule & knowledge based)
80’s emergent (connectionists, nn)
90’s embodied (ai-life, agents, robots)
building, using, visiting, applying,
teaching, adapting intelligent artifacts,
gadgets, applications, systems, services…
…for whom?!
the argumentation
Davis, Randall, (1998), What Are
Intelligence? And Why?, 1996
AAAI Presidential Address, in AI
Magazine, 19(1), p.91-110,
Spring 1998, American
Association for Artificial
Intelligence, Menlo Park, CA;
intelligent behavior
intelligence evolution
as opposed to instinct or stimulusresponse associations:
„ prediction
„ response to change
„ intentional action
„ reasoning
Helge Hüttenrauch, HMI 656 Presentation
intelligence are many things
product of evolution
„ human = over determined,
unnecessarily complex, inefficient
„ true as well for cognition
„ Look for the visual; thinking as
reliving, re-acting
subject of study: speculative!
„ evolution: no cause, no problem,
but blind search
„ filter: statistically improved survival
function, Æ ‘good enough’
Intelligence as perspective
intelligence evolution (2)
“…searching for the minimalism and
elegance beloved by engineers may
be a diversion, for it simply might
not be there.[…] The human mind is
a 400.000-year-old legacy
application…and you expected to
find structured programming?”
intelligence evolution (3)
theories intelligence origin:
„ early
„ early
„ Early
„ Early
man, the primal tool maker
man and the killer frisbee
man and the killer climate
man, the primal frugivore
man, the primal psychologist
man, the primal linguist
thinking is reliving
thinking by internal visualization
planning for activities as
“visual reasoning”
Thought processes mimic real life: we are
re-acting, thus reliving our perceptual
and motor experiences;
ÅÆ Context matters for reuse &
simulation of our experiences in the
Helge Hüttenrauch, HMI 656 Presentation