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LI, Relevance
• Identify the motives behind the European
exploration of the Americas
• Relevance:
– The movement of people causes conflict and
• Complete Pre-Test
– DO NOT USE BOOK or get help
– Not counted as a grade
Review Pre-View 2
Classroom Experience
Groups of students
Students walked around the classroom
Students labeled furniture
One group had directions that allowed
them to begin labeling sooner
Other groups rushed to catch up
First group had more labels
Historical Connection
Colonization Video
• Name some of the countries you hear in the
video (1 sentence)
• Why did some of these countries explore and
establish “colonies” in America? (3 sentences)
• How did these European powers differ in their
colonization plans? (3 sentences)
• What conflicts arose over competition for land
acquisitions in the New World? (3 sentences)
How did Spain establish territorial
• Spain sent explorers such as Christopher
Columbus, Hernan Cortes, and Francisco
Pizarro to discover and claim lands for Spain
What was life like in Spanish
• Many Spanish settlers were interested in
finding gold, but some started sugar
• The settlers forced native peoples to work for
• When the Indians began to die from European
diseases, slave traders provided enslaved
Africans as laborers.
• Spanish treated Native Americans living in the
Caribbean and South America harshly.
• Cortes attacked the Aztecs in Mexico
• Pizarro conquered the Incas in Peru
• Explorers also brought diseases such as
smallpox that killed many Native Americans
How did Spain establish territorial
claims in North America?
• Several explorers established Spanish
territorial claims in North America
• Ponce de Leon explored Florida
• Francisco Coronado traveled as far north as
the Great Plains in search for seven cities of
– All he found were seven little villages or pueblos
What types of permanent settlements did the
Spanish establish in North America?
• Spanish soldiers established forts called
presidios to protect Spanish lands
• Catholic priests converted Native Americans
and established missions
Relationship between Spanish and Native
The Native Americans and Spanish learned many things from each other
Pueblo people learned how to use new tools, grew new foods, and raise sheep
for wool.
Many converted to Catholicism
From the Indians, the Spanish learned new ways to grow crops in the desert
The Spanish treated the Native Americans harshly, they were made to work as
slave laborers
If they refused to convert to Christianity, they were whipped
Spanish brought diseases, which killed many Indians
In response to this treatment, Native Americans sometimes attacked the
France establish territorial claims
• Explorers established French claims in North
• Jacques Cartier claimed Canada
• Samuel de Champlain established a trading
post at Quebec
• Father Marquette and Louis Joliet explored
the Mississippi River
• Robert de La Salle claimed Louisiana
Life in French Settlements
• Fur trappers, or coureurs de bois and
missionaries came to New France.
• The colony failed to attract many settlers
because of the harsh climate and the colony’s
policy of granting the best land to nobility
• The French made the Native Americans their
business partners
• An especially friendly relationship was
established between the French and the
• European diseases killed many Native
England establish territorial claims
• John Cabot’s brief landing on Newfoundland
established English claims in North America
• English also established settlements in Virginia
Life like in Jamestown
• Life was difficult
• Settlement was located in a swamp where
disease-carrying mosquitoes bred
• Captain John Smith took over leadership and
conditions improved
• When Smith returned to England, the settlers
went through the Starving Time
• Native Americans would not trade with the
• Captain John Smith became friends with
Native Americans
• Daughter of the chief, Pocahontas helped the
colonists avoid starvation
• Relations improved when John Rolfe married
• Explorations of Henry Hudson established the
territorial claims of the Dutch in North
• Peter Minuit bought the island of Manhattan
from the Native Americans
Life like in New Netherland
• Dutch were interested in fur trade
• By 1660, nearly 8,000 people had settled in the
• These included Europeans from many nations,
African slaves, and Jews seeking religious
• Colony had a strong governor Peter Stuyvesant
• The English drove the Dutch from the colony and
renamed it New York
• Dutch established friendly relations with the
Iroquois whom they supplied with guns to
fight the Huron
Warm Up—View pg. 21
Pg. 21 (Map)
Answer the following questions in your notebook:
What modern nations did Spanish explorers sail to?
What modern nations did English explorers sail to?
What modern nations did French explorers sail to?
What would motivate these Europeans to venture into
unknown lands and risk death
• How have these explorers left their mark on the areas
they explored?
• Your thoughts
• Definition:
New World
and/or outside readings
In your notes, describe the image or
images you see.
What do you see here?
• Analyze the differences in the term discovery
• Relevance:
– Colonization has positive and negative benefits
Class Discussion
• How was the idea of “discovery” different for
Native Americans/indigenous peoples and the
Columbus’ Diary Entry
• Is this an example of a positive or negative
view of colonization and exploring?
Negative View of Discovery
• Read each primary source document
– Fill in reaction chart—both sides (2 sentences)
– Answer discussion questions (1 sentence-on
Reaction Chart
• Analysis and reaction of Spanish colonization
according to indigenous people (Aztecs)
• Read: “Flowers and Songs of Sorrow.”
– Complete reaction chart for Flowers and Songs of Sorrow
• Answer:
– What words does the poet use to describe the Aztec
empire before the Spanish came?
– How does the poet explain the Aztecs’ defeat?
– Why did the poet write this poem? Who is his audience?
Processing 2
Locate and star and label the
following cities (pg. 36)
New Port
New York