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Mrs. Ray’s 3rd
Grade Class
Square of Life
Fall 2014-2015
Our project is located between our school and a K/1 school.
Our project is located in our woods. It is located in Indiana,
New Whiteland, Sawmill road.
Our woods are very big. In our woods we have giant trees. We
have many trails going though the woods. There are weeds
and grass all over our woods. There are many leaves and dead
leaves. We have many plants in our woods. Fallen trees are
found on the ground. Our woods have many things. Our woods
are the best!
About Us
1.we are in Break-O-Day Elementary
2.we are located in Whiteland, Indiana
3. we are close to a police station
4.our state’s university is IU
5.our school is a four star school
6.we have the largest Children’s Museum
7.In our school the grades are 2nd-4th grade
8.we have over 500 students in our school
9.we have woods near our school
10.we grow a lot of crops in Indiana
We went to the outdoor Break-O-Day learning center.
We had to find an area for our square of life
We investigated our squares for non living, living, plants, and
We used meter sticks, dowel rods, and yarn to make our square
of life.
We looked for living, nonliving, animals and plants in our square
of life.
First, we used meter sticks and put them on the ground to
measure. Then we put dowel rods into the ground at the
Next, we wrapped the yarn around the rods.
Then, we had to investigate our squares to make sure
that we make it perfectly.
After that, we had to work with our people the were
helping with our group.
Constructing our Squares
 Poison
 mass
 Roots
 Vines
 Berries
 grass
 Stumps
 Trees
 Mushrooms
 Thorn
 bushes
 Flowers
 Roly-poly
 Daddy
long leg
 Ant
 Worm
 Beetle
 centipede
 Bark
 Mud/dirt
 Animal
 Branches
 Tree stump
 Fallen leaves
 Small rocks
 Spider webs
 Crunched up leaves
 Leaves with holes
We had a lot of fun completing
the Square of Life project!