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Related Arts Drama Section
Byron M. Lucas
Writing a Greek Play:
Today you will be writing a play. This is to be modeled after either a Greek Tragedy or a Greek Comedy,
you chose.
 Your play must have at least 2 main characters.
 There must be a coherent plot.
 Please include a title and the setting for the play.
 It must include either or both of the following: Irony and/or Foreshadowing
 This play must be between 2 – 4 pages in length
 Can be typed or handwritten, but typed is preferred
For fun, have your family and friends act out the play.
Below is an example of a play:
Teacher’s Pet
Setting: In a regular classroom. There are nine desks sitting in three rows. A teacher’s desk is in front of the
desks. Students are moving to a seat when the action begins.
(Bell Rings)
Teacher: “Have a seat class.”
Students: “Here we go again” “Do we have too” “I heard the bell” etc.
Johnny: “Teacher, I am so excited about class today, what are we going to learn?”
Teacher: “Thank you Johnny. Well, today we are going to discuss Greek plays.”
Class: (groans)
Johnny: “AMAZING!!!! I have always wanted to know about Greek plays...”
Teacher: “Really? Greek plays? You? (long pause) Alrighty then, let’s begin”
Notice the title is centered and the setting is placed under it to the left. There is a colon that follows the
character names. Any movement, instruction, or stage direction is placed in parentheses.
Please use your imagination and have fun!