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Previous or Potential Informative Topics
How to Play Rugby
Plate Tectonics: The Mechanism of Continental Drift
How to Build a Hotel
How to Obtain Governmental Approval for a Real Estate Development
How to Configure your Hard-drive
How to Travel Abroad
How to Invest in the Stock Market
Investment Instruments, Strategies, and Goals
Traveling in Malaysia
The History of Retail in Singapore
Casino Development in Singapore
The Mechanism of the Horse’s Eye
The History of the Religious Veil
Evolution of the Species
Emotional Development in Children
Music Perception in the Brain
The Singapore Bus System
Chinese New Year
The Events of 9-11
The Rise of Lee Kuan Yew
The Causes of the Worldwide Economic Collapse of 2008
The Importance of Making a Living Will
How to Succeed in Marriage
Personality Types of the Myers-Brigg
The Facial Action Coding System for Detecting Emotion
The Modern Polluting of China
The Future of World Militaries
Epstein-Barr Syndrome
The Haitian Earthquake of 2010
“Werewolf” Children
Eating in Asia
Cuisines and Cultures
History of Indian Foods
Buying Your First Home
Singapore Corporate Life
Careers After College
Traditional Indian Musical Dance Theater
The History of Mickey Mouse
Soren Kierkegaard
Boys and Girls Clubs of America
Volunteering in the Special Olympics
Creating an Archival Scrap Book
The Historical Cleopatra
The Oprah Ambassadors in Africa
Using Learning Styles to Teach
Possible Topics for “HOW TO”/PROCESS Speeches*
(“How To” speeches demonstrate the method of DOING some particular activity that you are an
“expert” on. Think of your hobbies, interests, abilities, work experiences, etc. Remember all
topics should challenge and interest a College–Level Audience. It should be a topic that YOU
care about since that will help YOUR AUDIENCE care, too!)
How to Pitch Baseball Properly OR: How to Bowl Properly. Other sports challenges…
How To Save A Drowning Victim. How to do the Heimlich Maneuver.
How to Study for Tests. How to Improve Your Memory. How to use an iPod.
How to invest in the Stock Market. How to Grow Herbs.
How to Donate Organs. How to Build a Website. How to Take Digital Photographs.
How to Recognize the Warning Signs of a Specific Disease.
How to Donate Blood. How to Set Up a Saltwater Aquarium.
How to Cut a CD. How to Produce Music Jingles on a Casio Keyboard.
How Hurricanes Develop. How to Make a Living Will. How to Avoid Food Poisoning.
How to Keep a Car Running in Top Condition. How to Buy a Good Used Car.
Pet Therapy. Music Therapy. Rhythmic Movement. Pet Adoption. Organic Living.
How to Take Fingerprints. How to Perform an Autopsy.
Potential classroom topics include:
1. Subjects you know lots about and/or have experience with;
2. Subjects you are willing to research because you are interested in them;
3. Subjects you feel strongly about or are passionate about (especially for persuasive
4. Additionally, always consider your audience’s needs and interests.
Adapted from Dwyer, K. (2002). Public Speaking Workbook, 7th Edition. Boston: McGrawHill Primis Custom.
Potential or Provocative Persuasion Topics
Hints: Start Brainstorming for Problems, Plans, Policies, and Concepts. These can be found from
newspapers, magazines, books, the internet, and people around you. What questions would you
like answered or to answer about each? Then look for answers which are Issues that have two
sides. Determine some that are currently of interest to you, your classmates or the media. Choose
which side you are on (and wish to defend!) and state your position clearly as a declarative
sentence (an answer, not a question). Decide next if it is a Fact, Value, or Policy issue. Then
choose a tentative Organizational Pattern that is consistent with that position. Now start
marshalling research resources to help you clarify, describe, and defend your position. Plan to
use examples, peer and/or expert opinion, reason, and statistics as your evidence.
Cohabitation Can Help Marriages Survive
Cohabitation Leads to Failed Marriages
Global Warming: How We Can Stop It
Legalizing Chewing Gum
Help Haiti
UB SIM Needs a Speech Competition
Stop Industry from Destroying the Planet
The Need for Vitamin Supplementation
Montessori Education: Young Children Learn More in Montessori
Innovative Medical Techniques: Acupuncture is a Viable Medical Treatment
Singapore’s Future with Casinos
The Next Winner of the SuperBowl
Energy Companies Should be Required to Buy Renewable Fuels First Whenever they are
Legalized Prostitution is Morally Wrong
Stop Domestic Violence
Legalize All Forms of Stem Cell Research
End Illiteracy in Malaysia
Clean the Beaches of Singapore
The Government Should Ban Tobacco
IQ Tests are not Adequate Tests of Intelligence
Lie Detectors Work Best When Combined with other Tests
The Next Winner of the World Cup
Give Vegetarianism a Try
For more ideas, websites such as offer lists of college level topics that might
interest you. Can you think of topics that are specific to Singapore, its government, environment,
or culture?