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Theatre Vocabulary - High School Edition
2. A narrative heard from a sound effect rather than
from actors onstage
3. A special backdrop that can appear both opaque
and transparent, depending how the light hits it
5. To illuminate from behind
9. A role played by an actor
10. Clarity of words spoken by the actors
14. A sudden change in action or outcome
15. A narrative given by character alone onstage,
usually reflective
16. Technical elements of a theatrical production
17. Stage movement and positioning of the actors
18. An artistic review
19. The main subject or idea
1. Hinting at future events
4. Character working in opposition to the main
6. Words spoken by the actors
7. Movement by an actor as a means of expression
8. The dramatic balance between opposing forces
and elements
11. When the outcome of events differs from the
expected result
12. The main character of the story
13. A speech made by one actor
20. A figure of speech when one word or idea is
used in place of another to denote similarities
Theatre Vocabulary - High School Edition
Answer Key
6. Voiceover
3. Scrim
5. Backlight
9. Character
10. Diction
14. Reversal
15. Soliloquy
16. Effect
17. Blocking
18. Critique
19. Theme
1. Foreshadowing
4. Antagonist
6. Dialogue
7. Gesture
8. Tension
11. Irony
12. Protagonist
13. Monologue
20. Metaphor