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Lesson Two – Rise of Sumer
Group Question: Professional Armies
Map: Akkadian Empire
Essential Questions
What role did Sargon play in the rise of the Akkadian Empire?
The Akkadian Empire:
In time, another society developed along the Tigris and Euphrates. It was created by the ____________
who lived just ____________ of ____________. In the 2300s BC the Akkadian ruler, ____________, sought
to extend his territory. He built a new capital, ____________, on the ____________ River, near what is now
the city of Baghdad. Sargon was the first ruler to have a permanent army. He used that army to launch a
series of wars against neighboring kingdoms.
Sargon’s soldiers defeated all the city-states of Sumer. They also conquered northern Mesopotamia, finally
bringing the entire region under his rule. With these conquests, ____________ established the world’s first
____________, or land with different territories and peoples under a single rule. This empire stretched
from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea.
Sargon ruled for over ____________ years however his empire was not to last long. Hostile tribes invaded Akkad
throwing the region into chaos. Eventually the Sumerian city-state of ____________ rebuilt its strength and
conquered the rest of Mesopotamia. The ____________ once again became the most powerful civilization in the
The Akkadian Empire:
 What advantage would having the world’s first professional army give to Sargon?
 Explain.