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Guided Reading
Chapter 11: Exploring Forces - Lesson 1 How are forces and motion related?
Pg. 588;590-597
Page Marker: 588
A. Can you name some things that affect a biker’s speed? ___________________________________________________
Page Marker: 590
A. What is motion?
The length between two places is called ______________.
List three units we could use to measure distance. _______________________________________
___________________________________ is something’s location compared _______________________________.
As an object’s position changes the object must be in _______________________ .
Page Marker: 591
Study the table on page on 591. List two things you can learn from the table.
1. _______________________________________________________________________________________________
2. ______________________________________________________________________________________________
Page Marker: 592
A. When we compare how quickly time and distance change, we can call that ________ .
There is a formula we can use to calculate speed:
Speed = ________________ divided by _____________
For example, the drinking fountain is about twenty meters from the classroom. It takes you about 5 seconds to walk
there from the classroom. So your speed:
Speed = distance / time
Speed = 20m / 5 s
Speed = 4 m/s (This would be said as four meters per second.)
Of course you don’t walk the same speed the entire time. We actually calculated your _______________
__________________ .
Ch11 Lesson 1
Page 1
We will complete another example together in the space below.
Page Marker: 593
A. Velocity is __________________________________________________________
B. Acceleration is ______________________________________________ over time.
Can you change your acceleration if your velocity is constant? Why or why not?
Page Marker: 594
A. A force is ____________________________________________________ .
A continuous force is ____________________________________________________________ . Thrust is____________
___________________________________________________________________ .
Lift is _____________________________________________________________________________ .
Page Marker: 595
A. A momentary force is ____________________________________________________________________ .
An example of a momentary force is ____________________________________________________. Momentary forces
can change the ____________________________________.
Ch11 Lesson 1
Page 2
Page Marker: 596
A. The unit used to measure force is a _____________________________________ .
Friction is ___________________________________________________________________________________.
Static friction is ________________________________________________________________________________ .
Sliding friction is _______________________________________________________________________________ .
Can you give an example of when you have seen or experience each kind of force?
Ch11 Lesson 1
Page 3