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, Charles City High School
CTE Department
• Generates word clouds from text that the
user provides.
• Use as a vocabulary reinforcement activity.
• Use a tool to reflect and review concepts
• It is a secure social learning network.
• Provides the ability for teachers and
students to post assignments, messages,
discuss classroom topics, assign and grade
• Teachers can create blogs, share content
and materials, and network and exchange
ideas with their peers.
• An online board maker.
• Use as fun way to discuss, brainstorm, or
review a topic.
• Useful anytime there are open ended brief
discussion points, or responses that
require a personal perspective.
• Creates an electronic story.
• Use to tell a fictional story about any
subject or content.
• Used to receive instant audience feedback
via text messaging, web, or Twitter.
• Use as a fun way to determine participant
knowledge, discuss a topic or question.
• Use in replace of an entrance or exit quiz.
Based on “EnhanceYour Personal Finance Course With
Online Games, Videos and Web 2.0 Technologies”
ACTE presentation by Nicole Wanago, University of Arizona