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Yes, it can be done! We can raise the $2000 we need by Friday! We have
received a second donation and are one small step closer to our goal of $10,000
to receive an equivalent matching donation!
Your contribution will be put to good use in service of D.C.'s working families
whom First Shift is keeping on the job!
COUNSELING AND COACHING: Sometimes mom knows that her rights are
being violated - but she doesn't know what to do about it. First Shift helps clients
develop strategies for asserting their rights and supports them in taking steps to
resolve their workplace issues.
Nicole found herself in this position at 7 months pregnant, when her supervisor
took her off the schedule and told her to come back after she had the baby.
Nicole had a healthy pregnancy and intended to work until she had the baby; she
knew she would have to take several weeks of unpaid leave after she had the
baby, and that made working until she gave birth that much more important.
First Shift counseled and coached Nicole to complain to her employer about
pregnancy discrimination and she was returned to work. A few weeks later, she
gave birth to a beautiful baby girl!
Si se puede, Nicole - Yes you can!
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