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Forensic Technician
By: Preston Walker
Forensics is a science dedicated to the
methodical gathering and analysis of
evidence to establish facts that can be
presented in a legal proceeding.
 Forensic Technicians A forensic technician, also known as a
criminalist, is a professional who
specializes in collecting and analyzing
physical evidence, related to the
commission of crimes.
What is Forensics?
Analytical Thinking
Control over Emotions
Skills in the field and lab
Skills Required
A Forensic technician will be asked to
come in at any point in time during the
day to analyze/ examine evidence from a
crime scene.
 This person will be asked to examine
chemicals at the scene, bullet holes,
victims body, and other substances that
could lead to explain what happened.
 They will also test fluids of the victim and
suspect for drug content/alcohol content.
Duties Performed
Bachelors degree or higher in forensics or
a natural science degree such as
chemistry, biology, molecular biology, or
Education/Training Required
Must be able to come in at any point in
the day.
 Have to be able to analyze victims bodies,
no matter how disturbing.
 Run tests on chemicals and substances
found at the scene.
1. How does an engineer contribute to the world
of forensics?
 An engineer can testify on many things a forensic
can not.
 2. List the forensic technology created by or
impacted by engineers?
 Centerfuige, pipit, and ballistic recognition
 3. How does an engineer work with forensic
scientists and forensic technicians?
 They can explain something that a forensic
scientist doesn’t know from an engineers point of
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