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1.9 Worksheet
Write the words or symbols that make each statement true.
Line AB is written in symbolic form as _______________.
Line segment AB is written in symbolic form as _______________.
Ray AB is written in symbolic form as _______________.
Angle ABC is written in symbolic form as _______________.
The point where two rays of an angle meet is called the _______________.
The geometric tool used to measure the size of an angle is called a _______________.
Segment AB is parallel to segment CD is written in symbolic form as _______________.
Line AB is perpendicular to line CD is written in symbolic form as _______________.
Identify each statement as true or false.
9. An angle is measured in degrees. _______________
10. An acute angle is an angle whose measure is less than 90. _______________
11. An obtuse triangle has exactly one angle whose measure is greater than 90. __________
12. A diagonal is a line segment that connects any two vertices of a polygon. ____________
13. If the measures of two angles add up to 90, then they are supplementary. ___________
14. If two lines intersect forming a right angle, then the lines are perpendicular. __________
15. An angle bisector is a ray or line segment that divides an angle into two angles of equal
measure. _______________
16. A median of a triangle is a line segment from a vertex to the midpoint of the opposite
side. _______________
17. A trapezoid is a device used to capture zoids. _______________
18. A rhombus is a parallelogram with all the sides the same measure. _______________
Draw a triangle that fits each name. If impossible, write not possible. Use your geometric
tools to make your drawings as accurate as possible.
19) Scalene triangle
20) Scalene acute triangle
21) Obtuse isosceles triangle
22) Isosceles right triangle
23) Equilateral right triangle
24) Scalene isosceles triangle