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Unit 1 - Neolithic Revolution and River Valley Civilizations
Video Analysis: Mesopotamia - Homework
Directions: While watching the Crash Course: Mesopotamia video, answer the questions listed below.
This is interactive, so you will need to stop, pause, and rewind the video in order to answer the
questions effectively. Use the space on the back for extra space.
1. Geographically, where is Mesopotamia?
2. What were two characteristics of Mesopotamian socialism?
3. What were Ziggurats’ and what power did priests possess?
4. Why was slavery necessary in Mesopotamia?
5. What started to rival temples in Uruk and other cities of Mesopotamia? Why is this a shift in
societal structure?
6. Why was cuneiform important to managing government in Mesopotamia?
7. What are examples of social inequality in Mesopotamia?
8. How were taxes paid in Mesopotamia and explain the importance of how taxes were utilized.
9. What was an inherent weakness of kingdoms in Mesopotamia?
10. What are the characteristics of an empire?
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