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Implications of Introducing a New
Species to an Ecosystem
• Introducing a new species to an ecosystem
can have detrimental affects. A new species
can totally change the habitat and place it at
• When a new species is introduced to an
ecosystem they have no natural predators
which results in them multiplying
Invasive Species
• An Invasive species is introduced due to
human activities.
Some of the Invasive species include:
• diseases, fungi and parasites
• feral animals
• insects and other invertebrates
• introduced marine pests
• weeds
Negative Consequences
• Over crowds natural species to the
• Replace natural species that are beneficial for
the ecosystem
• Wipe out natural species because they are not
ready for the competition
• Spoil human enterprise, for example fisheries
• Biodiversity in the ecosystem is reduced as
native species are eliminated
• Costs the economy millions of dollars
• Use up the nutrients and food that natural
plants and animals need
• Some introduced species are beneficial such
as crops and pets.
• Help to control other species that are
considered a pest