Download Lion King Letter Year 6 - St Joseph`s Catholic Primary School

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Thursday 14th April 2016
Dear Parents and Carers of Year 6,
We have been able to secure a booking for Year 6 to see the Lion King at a group discount rate of £25 per
person. We are inviting children from Year 6 to come and enjoy the matinee performance at the Lyceum
Theatre on
Wednesday 18th May 2016.
Here is what the website says:
The fascinating play, Lion King is successfully captivating millions of theatre lovers across the globe! This
musical play is known for astonishing choreography and heart touching songs.
Set against the majesty of the Serengeti Plains to the evocative rhythms of Africa, this spectacular production
explodes with glorious colours, stunning effects and enchanting music to tell the timeless story of Simba and
his epic journey to fulfil his destiny as King of the Pridelands.
Astonishing Disney musical, The Lion King has enjoyed roaring success with six Tony Awards as well as an
Evening Standard Award for Theatrical Event. Tim Rice and Elton John's popular musical features some of
the mesmerizing numbers, such as Circle of Life, Hakuna Matata and Can You Feel the Love Tonight.
‘There is simply nothing else like it.’ The New York Times.
The children will be accompanied by members of school staff and will be travelling to and from the theatre by
tube. As the performance is a matinee performance (2:30pm) we will leave after the children have had their
lunch in school as usual. The show lasts for 2 hours 30 minutes including the interval. The school will be
providing the children with healthy ‘treats’ during the interval, so no extra spending money will be required.
All children attending are also advised to bring a bottle of water with them.
We aim to be back at St Joseph’s School by 6.00pm. Children may be collected from the Upper Junior
Playground gate at 6.00pm.Please note: No child will be permitted to go home unaccompanied at this time of
the evening.
The payment of £25 is requested to cover the costs and can be made via Parent Pay or in cash at local stores
where you see the PayPoint logo. Those parents wishing to pay cash should request a letter with the bar code
from the school office and take this to their local PayPoint store to make payment. Please do not hesitate to
contact the school office if you need assistance. We thank you for your support in using ParentPay as it helps
the school enormously. If the contribution proves to be too difficult for you financially, please make an
appointment to speak to a member of the Senior Leadership Team in confidence to arrange a payment plan.
Please note the theatre trip will have to be cancelled if not enough money is collected.
Many thanks for your co-operation.
Mrs. A. Noronha
Deputy Head
The Lion King at the London’s Lyceum Theatre
Wednesday 18th May 2016.
I give permission for my child to attend the performance at the Lyceum Theatre and I have
paid £25. Yes /No.
I will collect my child from the Upper Junior Gate at 6.00pm. Yes /No.
I give permission for my child to be collected by the following
who is the parent of _________________________________ in Class_____
I consent to my child travelling by any form of public/private transport, including walking. I
consent in the event of an accident or illness to my child, to any necessary medical treatment
being given. I authorise a member of staff to sign the necessary consent forms for such
treatment on my behalf.
If your child is travelling by coach, the whole school party will return to school and pupils will
be dismissed from there.
I will not hold the head teacher or any adult member of the party responsible for any loss
during such visit of any personal effects, money or injury incurred by my child where
reasonable steps have been taken to safeguard them.