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PO Box 942, Geelong, Vic 3220
Musicbox Theatre Company operates from
a dedicated facility in Newtown.
As part of the MAAD STUDIoS at 405 Pakington Street,
Musicbox has exclusive use of its own rehearsal
studio, costume storage and hire (children’s costumes) and storage space for all stage props used in performances.
The MAAD STUDIoS complex complex has already evolved into a comprehensive arts hub, with Parallax Dance, Parallax
Singing and Minuet Music Studios joining MusicBox Theatre Company in the space.
Acting skills are taught using the Spolin method incorporating “theatre games” and the groups work towards a performance twice
yearly. Students also study and learn texts and time is also spent helping to develop characterisation skills. Independence and self
confidence are developed and fostered, whilst also providing all the necessary skills and disciplines to provide a stepping stone to a
professional career.
Some opportunities may also arise during the year for performances at Community events.
Private classes are available to assist with auditions or screen tests or to just provide an intensive one on one learning experience.
By popular demand, we are introducing two, 2 hour per week sessions, focussing on Musical Theatre technique. The classes will
include acting, singing, and dancing with specialist teachers throughout the term. The classes will be working towards performances
twice yearly and the focus is on ensemble work.
Phone: (Hm)
Post Code: (Mobile)
Age: Date of Birth:
School: Acting Classes
Saturday 9.00am
Tuesday 4:30pm
Wednesday 4:30pm
Thursday 4:30pm
10-11 yrs
8-9 yrs
6-7 yrs
Musical Theatre Classes
Wednesday 5:30pm
Saturday 12:00 - 2:00pm
Saturday 10:30am
11-14 yrs
Please Tick preferred time (Actual times for may differ depending on enrollments)
Mothers Name:
(If under 18 Years)
I enclose $40 deposit
(non refundable, $30 will be deducted from total fees - $10 insurance fee)
Fathers Name:
8-9 yrs