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Atom Building Project
EXTRA CREDIT! The amount of extra credit you earn is
determined by which element you pick (the larger the atomic #,
the more points) and how well you follow these directions.
1. Choose any element from the Periodic table.
2. Create a 3-d hanging model of an atom of that element.
Protons and neutrons should be the same size and
identified. Electrons should be smaller, identified, and in
the proper energy levels.
3. Consider what materials would be the most practical and
economical for building your model. Please do not spend a lot
of money!
4. Attached to your atom when you turn it in should be a 3x5
card with the following information on it:
Name of element
Atomic number
Atomic mass
Your name
Your period
Try to use recycled materials! Some examples of materials you
might use are wire, string, toothpicks, beads, fuzz balls, cereal,
or anything else you can think of. Be as creative and original as
you wish! Please be environmental and do not buy Styrofoam