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Ethics of
Artificial Intelligence
By: Matthew Chmiel
To: Al Paparoni
Class: BTT1O1
Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
Matthew Chmiel
Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Positive things and emotions
What it takes and disadvantages
Page 1
Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
Matthew Chmiel
AI is a useful thing today helping in annoying things like cleaning and helping ain military things or using
them in video games. But we have to know what’s ethically right for them if we advance them to that
level and we need to know how to control them if they decide they’re re the superior intelligence or
being. AI is dangerous but right now it has more pros then cons.
Page 2
Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
Matthew Chmiel
Positive things and emotions
The definition of Artificial intelligence is the development (and theory) of computer systems that would
usually need the intelligence of humans.
In the past artificial intelligence seemed like science fiction but today it is not it is used in things like
Google there are robotic vacuum cleaners like rumba, and can help studying and sees the students
studying pattern to see were they get stuck. Artificial intelligence is a very interesting subject and has
many benefits artificial intelligence can be used in many things like cars (this is being tested now) 3D
printers that print 3D printers machines building things like cars and stuff military robots and much
But what if there was a time where a robot comes and asks for help, what if we make them so advanced
we have to consider rights for them and other things? If a robot would not want to work in a factory
because it was dangerous would we reprogram them or would some people not want to do that we
made them but still would it be ethically right to do that. If a- intelligent robot programed with
emotions or ethics kills someone who would be to blame the programmer or the robot?
Page 3
Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
Matthew Chmiel
What it takes and disadvantages
Most people would say programming is difficult thing from robots in the real world to AI in video games
it takes time and skill to make these things epically good ones. But what skills would you need to do it
well you would need linear algebra witch would be sued for everything, Probability and or Statistics for
any type of natural net or graphical model, calculus, basic algorithms and logic.
Now it obviously takes a lot for a good program but what about a functional one with little problems or
glitches and one that will follow our orders with no negative things for us. In movies like 2001 a space
odyssey and the terminator it shows man vs. machine but that can’t really happen right? This situation
has been called the singularity and it could be a real problem one day not just one seen in science fiction
even Steven Hawking says that “he feared that the development of full artificial intelligence could bring
an end to the human race” and a month later the owner of Microsoft Bill Gates said that “he did not
understand people who were not troubled by the prospect of AI escaping human control”. So with even
these people saying it will be a problem what could we do about it would we have to program the
robots just to one task make sure they do not have direct info on the internet without someone there
and at what point would we stop to make sure it would not happen. In 2001 a space odyssey Hal9000’s
instructions need him to have the ship investigate an artifact near Jupiter and keep the missions
purpose secret form the ship’s crew and to complete these 2 things he tries to kill the ship’s crew but
when would we have to worry about that? There was an estimate that it could possibly happen in 2044
or 2045.
Page 4
Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
Matthew Chmiel
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