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Biology 101 Study Exam III
Who was the first scientist to observe cells under a microscope and coined the term
The smallest, most basic and fundamental unit of life is the?
One of the most defining characteristics of eukaryotic cells is that they have this piece
inside them?
What are the tenements of the Cell Theory?
Who was the first scientist to observe actual living cells and bacteria?
Bacteria, Kingdom Monera, are classified as what type of cell?
Animals, Plants, Fungi and Protists are classified as what type of cell?
A membrane enclosed cellular compartment that has a specific function is called an?
Which organelles are directly involved in cellular internal support?
What is NEVER found in bacteria?
What structures do bacteria use for attaching to surfaces?
The nucleoid region of a bacterial cell is what?
The membranous spheres of the cell in which proteins are trafficked between parts of the
cytomembrane system are called?
What is a granum?
The fluid interior of the cell is referred to as what?
What is the function of the Golgi apparatus?
What is the function of chloroplasts?
What are the three parts of a chloroplast?
Which of the organelles are part of the cytomembrane system?
Cells that lack a membrane bound nucleus are called?
The nucleus of a cell does what?
Long fibers of DNA molecules and their associated proteins are called?
To enter or leave the cell, substances must be allowed to pass through the?
The function of the nucleolus is?
Rough endoplasmic reticulum is called rough because it is?
Organelles are an important part of a cell's metabolism because?
Some of the functions of the Rough ER, besides transport, are?
One function of the Smooth ER, besides transport, is?
The function of the lysosome is?
The function of the vacuole is?
The thick fluid enclosed inside the chloroplast is called the?
The thick fluid enclosed inside the mitochondria is called the?
The function of the mitochondria is?
The plant cell wall does what jobs?
The cell membrane has the property to allow certain substances to pass through it and
prevent others. This ability of the cell membrane is referred to as?
The main organelle involved in transportation of materials within the cell is the?
What are some of the properties shared by all the cells on Earth?
Which of the organelles is associated with the breakdown of harmful substances?
The function of the peroxisomes is?
How do cilia differ from flagella?
The cytoskeleton of the cell is used for?
What is the proper order of steps in the movement of material through the cytomembrane
Do all eukaryotic cells, including plants, fungi, and protistans (besides animals) have
mitochondria in them.
The "9+2" arrangement refers to the what?
Unlike animal cells, plant cells have _______ and _______. Unlike plant cells, animal
cells have _______.
The relationship between mitochondria and chloroplasts is?
What is the name of the photoreactive pigment found in chloroplasts?
What do we call the double membrane surrounding the nucleus?
The function of the ribosome is?
Which organelle functions as the genetic control center for the entire cell?