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Plate Tectonics – Guided Notes
Plate Tectonics:
1. According to the theory of ______________ ___________________, Earth’s crust and part of the upper mantle
are broken into sections.
2. These sections, called__________________ , move on a plasticlike layer of the mantle.
Plate Boundaries:
1. Plates can ____________ , or ______________ or __________ ___________ or slide alongside one another.
3 Types of Plate Boundaries:
A. Plates Moving Apart –
1. ______________ _________________ : The boundary between two plates that are moving apart.
2. _________________ __________________ : a. New sea floor being made, b. Underwater Volcanic mtns
Other features found at the Mid-Ocean Ridge:
3. Another type of Divergent boundary is the: ___________________________________________.
- Features found at a Rift Valley
• ___________________ ___________________
• ______________ _____________ created by a ________________ force
B. Plates Moving Together
1. ___________________ ____________________ : occurs where two plates move together. (collide causing a
collision area – like a head on crash of two cars)
2. Where Two Continental Plates Collide They form:
 _________________________ (material being scraped up and pushed together)
 _________________________
3. When an ______________ plate converges with a less dense ___________________ plate, the denser oceanic
plate sinks under the continental plate.
4. __________________ _______________ : The area where an oceanic plate subducts, or goes down, into the
Features found at a S.Z.
• __________________
• __________________
• __________________
• ______________________________________
5. _________________ _______________ type of convergent boundary created where one plate bends and sinks
beneath the other.
• Old Sea Floor being destroyed
6. The newly formed magma is forced upward along these plate boundaries, forming ___________________.
Where Plates Collide
1. A subduction zone also can form where two __________________ plates converge.
In this case, the colder, older, ________________ oceanic plate bends and sinks down into the mantle.
C. Where Plates Slide Past Each Other
1. _________________ ___________________ : Occur where two plates slide past one another.
• They move in opposite directions or in the same direction at different rates.
Features: _____________________
The ________ ______________ ______________ is part of a transform plate boundary. It has been the site of
many earthquakes.