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OIE Collaborating Centre Reports
Activities in 2012
Title of Collaborating Centre: 1. Collaborating Centre for Wildlife
Surveillance and Monitoring,
Epidemiology and Management
Collaborating Centre for Research and
Diagnosis of Emerging and Existing
Pathogens of Wildlife (NWHC)
[Referred to collectively as the
Collaborating Centre on Research,
Diagnosis and Surveillance of Wildlife
Address of Collaborating Centre:
1. CCWHC, WCVM, University of
Saskatchewan, 52 Campus Drive,
Saskatoon, SK S7N 5B4 Canada
2. National Wildlife Health Center
US Geological Survey
US Department of Interior
6006 Schroeder Road
Madison, Wisconsin, WI 53711 USA
1. (+1) 306 966 7281 / (+1) 306 966
2. (+1) 608 270 2401 / (+1) 608 270
e-mail address:
1. [email protected]
2. [email protected]
Name of Director of Institute 1. Frederick (Ted) A. Leighton
(Responsible Official): 2. Jonathan M. Sleeman
OIE Contact Point Frederick (Ted) A. Leighton
Annual reports of OIE Reference Centres, 2012
Research, Diagnosis and Surveillance of Wildlife Pathogens
Summary of activities specifically related to the mandate of
OIE Collaborating Centres
Activities as a centre of research, expertise, standardisation and dissemination of
techniques within the remit of the mandate given by the OIE
Developed a new real-time PCR with enhanced sensitivity and specificity for detecting
Geomyces destructans (white-nose syndrome) on bats and in environmental samples, and
provided early access of procedures and associated qualification data to CCWHC staff.
Collaborated with the Snaefellsnes Research Centre, University of
Iceland, Stykkishólmur, Iceland and the Reykjanes Environmental Research Institute,
Sandgerdi, Iceland, to investigate the hypothesis that migratory avian species in the North
Atlantic region could be involved in the transmission of avian influenza viruses between the
Eastern and Western Hemispheres.
Canada’s Response to White Nose Syndrome (WNS) in Bats: Workshop for Canadian and
US scientists to establish action plans for response and management to WNS. October 16-18
2012, Ottawa.
Development and assessment of animal welfare standards in the harvest of wild animals.
Collaboration with Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the Government of Newfoundland and
Wildlife Disease Surveillance in Japan – visit by Dr Mutsuyo Kadohira, Farm Animal
Disease Control Section, Field Center of Animal Science and Agriculture, Obihiro
University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine to learn structure and function of the
CCWHC national wildlife disease surveillance program.
Provision of wildlife health data management technology and services to wildlife health
centres in The Netherlands (1) and the United States (2).
Proposal or development of any procedure that will facilitate harmonisation of international
regulations applicable to the surveillance and control of animal diseases, food safety or
animal welfare
Maintenance of a network with other OIE Collaborating Centres designated for the same
specialty, and
Both Collaborating Centres are participating in establishing a structure and communication
plan between Canada and the United States for harmonization of activities to management
of White Nose Syndrome of bats.
Both Centres are maintaining their collaborative relationship as a combined OIE
Collaborating Centre for wildlife health in the Americans Region. Some key features of this
collaboration in 2012 were
o Co-instruction of the Workshop for OIE National Focal Points on Wildlife:
Surveillance and International Reporting of Diseases in Wildlife in Bulgaria and Sri
o Collaborations on research on avian influenza and white nose syndrome of bats.
Annual reports of OIE Reference Centres, 2012
Research, Diagnosis and Surveillance of Wildlife Pathogens
Collaboration on development of a national wildlife health network in the United
Drs. Leighton and Sleeman are in regular contact regarding wildlife diseases issues
germane to the USA and Canada as well as to discuss operation of the Collaborating
Centre Consortium.
Should the need arise, maintenance of a network with Collaborating Centres in other
Dr. Jonathan Sleeman has been in regular contact with the USDA APHIS Veterinary
Services Centers for Epidemiology and Animal Health.
Placement of expert consultants at the disposal of the OIE
Dr. Ted Leighton, Executive Director of the CCWHC, is a member of the Working Group
on Wildlife Diseases of the OIE.
Provision of scientific and technical training, within the remit of the mandate given by the
OIE, to personnel from OIE Member Countries
Dr. Daniel Walsh represented the USGS National Wildlife Health Center at the Workshop
for OIE National Focal Points on Wildlife: Surveillance and International Reporting of
Diseases in Wildlife for the European region held in Prevetz, Bulgaria during January 2012.
Dr. Walsh served as one of the instructors for the workshop whose purpose was to increase
national capacity to conduct surveillance and reporting of wildlife diseases. The workshop
was well attended with over 50 countries represented.
Dr. Jonathan Sleeman represented the USGS National Wildlife Health Center at the
Workshop for OIE National Focal Points on Wildlife: Surveillance and International
Reporting of Diseases in Wildlife for the Asia region held in Colombo, Sri Lanka during
April, 2012. Dr. Walsh served as one of the instructors for the workshop whose purpose
was to increase national capacity to conduct surveillance and reporting of wildlife diseases.
The workshop was well attended with over 50 countries represented.
Dr. Thierry Work lectured on wildlife disease investigation techniques at Universidad de
San Luis Potosi, Mexico during February 2012.
Dr. Ted Leighton organized and participated in the teaching of the Workshop for OIE
National Focal Points on Wildlife: Surveillance and International Reporting of Diseases in
Wildlife in Bulgaria in January and in Sri Lanka in April.
Dr Asha Perera served as an instructor for the Workshop for OIE National Focal Points on
Wildlife: Surveillance and International Reporting of Diseases in Wildlife in Sri Lanka in
April 2012.
Workshop on Capacity Development in Wildlife Health in Low and Middle Income
Countries (Lyon, France, 23 July 2012). Designed, organized and managed by Drs. Ted
Leighton and Sophie Valeix for the Wildlife Disease Association.
Annual reports of OIE Reference Centres, 2012
Research, Diagnosis and Surveillance of Wildlife Pathogens
Workshop for Wildlife Health Professionals – 2 days of continuing education with Canadian
and US participants. 21-22 February 2012. Organized and managed by the CCWHC.
Organisation of scientific meetings on behalf of the OIE
Not applicable.
Coordination of scientific and technical studies in collaboration with other laboratories,
organisations or collaborating centres
Not applicable.
Publication and dissemination of any information within the remit of the mandate given by
the OIE that may be useful to Member Countries of the OIE
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Research, Diagnosis and Surveillance of Wildlife Pathogens
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Annual reports of OIE Reference Centres, 2012
Research, Diagnosis and Surveillance of Wildlife Pathogens
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Annual reports of OIE Reference Centres, 2012