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FirstPort 2
The NHS Lanarkshire Intranet Site
as an Effective Knowledge
Management Tool
• MSc Health Informatics undertaken
while working for NHS Lanarkshire
• Knowledge Management topic interest
• Dissertation topic to benefit NHSL
• Evaluation of current intranet site
• New NHS Lanarkshire intranet site
‘FirstPort 2’ due to be developed
Study Methods
• Literature review
• Online questionnaire
• Focus Group interview
Literature Review – Intranet and
Knowledge Management
• Wall (2006) organisational culture
critical to success
• Skinner (2008) value of intranet as a
storage device for ‘explicit’ knowledge
• Skinner (2008) and Gosar (2008)
propose web 2.0 based intranet to
socialise ‘tacit’ knowledge transfer
Role for Library Services
• Keeling (2000) highlights skills as
knowledge managers and opportunity
to raise profile in organisation
• Plaice (2003) library service
redesigned trust intranet site and
managed documents library
Questionnaire Themes
Intranet use
Search facility
Information Technology
Organisational culture
FirstPort 2
Questionnaire Findings
Poor design
Difficult navigation
Lack of uniformity on pages
Poor search engine results
Outdated information
The Positives
• Well used resource – 75% used it at
least once a day
• Useful content – 75% of respondents
• Organisational culture – staff
encouraged to use site
Room for Improvement
• Design and navigation
• Search engine
• Users need quick and easy access to
• Effective way to manage content and
keep it up to date
Focus Group Interview Findings
• Staff bypass FirstPort and use Google
to find information
• The site is too impersonal
• It has a lot of potential if it can be
properly utilised
Suggestions for Improvement
• Reminders needed to update policies
and documents
• Ability to host discussion forums and
view videos
• Use of electronic workspaces
FirstPort 2
• Webinars and virtual meetings –
confidentiality and network capabilities
• Workspaces and discussion boards –
user friendly
• FirstPort 2 ‘champion’ departmental
FirstPort 2 and NHSL Library
• Tendering process
• Search engine – information
• Corporate library
The Future
Site to be launched in August 2012
Improved menus and search options
Easy access resources area
Enhanced search software
Library service to manage NHSL
‘corporate library’ section
• Gosar, D.H. (2008). The Potential Impact of Web 2.0
on Tacit Knowledge Management at NHS
Lanarkshire. Dissertation/Thesis, Unpublished.
• Keeling, C. and Lambert, S. (2000). “Knowledge
management in the NHS: positioning the healthcare
librarian at the knowledge intersection”. Health
Libraries Review, 17 (3), 136-43.
• Plaice, C. and Kitch, P. (2003). “Embedding
knowledge management in the NHS south-west:
pragmatic first steps for a practical concept”. Health
Information and Libraries Journal, 20 (2), 75-85.
• Skinner, B. (2008). “Web alert: resources to support
the development of a knowledge management
strategy”. Quality in Primary Care, 16 (4), 295-99.
• Wall, D. (2006). “Sharing good practice: Knowledge in
action”. Clinical Governance, 11 (3), 253-61.
• Paul Herbert
• Health Information Scientist,
Healthcare Improvement Scotland
• Email: [email protected]