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Deutsche Bank
Global Transaction Banking
Cash Management for Financial Institutions
Take Advantage of Deutsche Bank’s Global Set-up
In an increasingly global environment it is key for financial institutions to work with
robust, reliable and innovative Cash Management solutions. Deutsche Bank, as a
true global provider, can play the role of trusted partner and consolidate international
transaction business for its customers, generating synergies and cost benefits across
borders, currencies and payment types.
Premium Quality, Premium Service
Deutsche Bank’s global suite of Cash
Management services offers a wide range
of solutions to meet clients’ specific
requirements thereby providing them with the
time and means to concentrate on their core
business. Furthermore, Deutsche Bank’s
market-leading products and services enable
clients to reduce transaction costs, consolidate
operations and expand revenue opportunities.
Deutsche Bank’s Customer Service Centers
are located in all the relevant financial centers
worldwide, providing clients with access to
an unrivalled global network.
db transaction solutions
Deutsche Bank is the world’s leading euro
clearer, and a major US dollar and British
pound clearer. Access to various additional
local clearing systems complement this.
With these clearing capabilities, a strong
remittances network and FX competence,
Deutsche Bank is geared to providing truly
global solutions. The Bank offers one of the
most comprehensive and automated
packages of treasury and commercial services
driven by major investments in advanced
technology, dedicated staff and the continual
development of innovative solutions for
financial institutions. Our focus is on
achieving and sustaining long-standing
relationships that not only satisfy immediate
needs, but also create ongoing performance
to build long-term value.
Clearing and Payment Services
With superior performance in the payment
business, Deutsche Bank is able to act as a
single gateway and consolidator of choice,
– Automated and continuously verified
intermediary bank selection
– Pricing and billing flexibility and
end-to-end transparency
– Real-time reporting options
– Strong FX payments capabilities
– Accessibility via account relationship and
clearing systems
– Indirect clearing membership support
– Full SEPA clearing support
Deutsche Bank’s innovative range of money
transfer products and services has been
designed to handle the most complex
demands while maximizing the value of
your business.
Check Services
Deutsche Bank’s comprehensive global check
services are a simple, safe and cost-efficient
way to process customer checks. These
include streamlining of paper payments and
receipts around the world in terms of
disbursements, cash letter and collections.
Furthermore, Deutsche Bank offers various
local formats for international bank drafts as
well as flexible electronic management
Deutsche Bank
Global Transaction Banking
[email protected]
db channel & information solutions
Deutsche Bank provides a solid range of
secure customer access tools that you can
use online in any location. A strategic
global electronic banking platform, db direct
internet, acts as a delivery channel for a
broad spectrum of transactions. Additionally,
extended information and reporting services
help clients achieve a high level of straightthrough processing. The full range of SWIFT
FIN based account information for real-time,
intraday and end-of-day messages, is also
supported. Additionally, Deutsche Bank has
pioneered the usage of XML (CAMT)
messaging to introduce a new quality for
real-time account information reporting.
db liquidity management solutions
db liquidity management solutions provides a
suite of Cash Concentration, Notional Pooling,
and Investment Services that enables financial
institutions to efficiently manage balances
across accounts, reduce idle cash and
optimize interest earnings. The range of
solutions allow financial institutions a high
degree of flexibility to suit their regional and
global investment needs, while complying
with applicable local regulations.
Cash Management for Financial Institutes at
a Glance
– Comprehensive solutions to increase
– db transaction solutions
– db channel & information solutions
– db liquidity management solutions
– db wholesale solutions
– First class service for your customers –
around the world
db wholesale solutions
With db wholesale solutions you can leverage
Deutsche Bank’s geographical reach on a
white-labelled basis. The solutions include
white-labelled electronic banking and Partner
Banking. All of these solutions empower
clients to expand their cash management
product range for the benefit of their
customers, providing a timely and cost
effective delivery to market – while reducing
the need for future investments.
This brochure is for information purposes only and is designed to serve as a general overview regarding the services of Cash Management for Financial Institutions. The general description in
this brochure relates to the Cash Management for Financial Institutions services offered to customers as of October 2010, which may be subject to change in the future. This brochure and
the general description of the services of Cash Management for Financial Institutions are in their nature only illustrative and do not therefore contain or cannot result in any contractual or noncontractual obligation or liability of Deutsche Bank AG or any of its affiliates.
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