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Dividend increase to EUR 1.05 approved by large majority of
shareholders at Deutsche Post AG Annual General Meeting
Bochum/Bonn, April 28, 2017: At the Annual General Meeting of Deutsche Post AG held in the
RuhrCongress in Bochum, Germany, around 900 shareholders approved the resolutions
proposed by the Board of Management and the Supervisory Board by large majorities.
Shareholders with a majority equivalent to 99.93% of the company's share capital present at the
AGM resolved, among other issues, to pay a dividend of EUR 1.05 per share. This reflects an
increase of EUR 0.20 over the previous year’s level. As in past years, the dividend will be paid
free of tax for shareholders living in Germany.
The Annual General Meeting gave a vote of confidence with large majorities to the Board of
Management (with 98.98% of the votes cast) and the Supervisory Board (90.51%) for the
financial year 2016.
In addition, the Board of Management was again authorized to buy back shares totaling as
much as 10 percent of the existing share capital. The Annual General Meeting also once again
authorized the issue of bonds with warrants, convertible bonds or income bonds as well as profit
participation certificates in the aggregate amount of up to €1.5 billion. Finally, the Board of
Management was again authorized to increase the share capital by up to €160 million by issuing
up to 160 million shares. All three authorizations will expire in April 2022.
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