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Grimes and UNF Partner for New Employee Educational Experiences
Jacksonville, FL – January 7, 2015 - The Grimes Companies and University of North Florida
Division of Continuing Education have collaborated to create a new employer-sponsored
program called Personal Interest Courses. The concept called for the development of a
traditional “group benefit” approach to establishing a cost model that allows TGC to offer its
employees unrestricted access to UNF’s “” courses, offered by the
Division of Continuing Education.
“We are excited to partner with UNF in developing this program,” said Michael O’Leary,
president of TGC. “The courses involved offer intellectual stimulation, creative outlets and
add to a good work-life balance.”
Unlike traditional tuition reimbursement programs, the PIC benefit initiative allows companies
to offer access to classes without the administrative burden associated with managing
reimbursements and delivers the value of predictable cost.
“We're thrilled to expand the educational opportunities of TGC employees," said Bob Wood,
Dean of UNF Division of Continuing Education. "The Division is committed to providing
enrichment experience and workforce development for our community partners."
The Division hopes to see increased participation not only in the PIC courses, but also in the
professional development curriculum available outside of the PIC benefit initiative. In
addition, the PIC program will establish predictable minimum revenue expectations based on
corporate participation in the program.
During the initial trial period of this unique program both UNF and TGC will evaluate the
success of the initiative based on participation, employee / student feedback, and validation
of the cost model. Following a successful trial UNF may extend access to the program to
other companies in Jacksonville if there is adequate interest.
Interested companies are encouraged to contact the Division of Continuing Education at
(904) 620-4200 or for more information.
TGC, a Jacksonville, Fla. based company, provides a single-point solution for logistics and
supply chain needs. TGC delivers warehousing, transportation, packaging and staffing
services to its clients.
UNF Division of Continuing Education is the premier provider of lifelong learning, workforce
development and enrichment experiences. It is committed to economic development – one
person, one company at a time and provides excellence through quality programs, customer
satisfaction and transformational learning.
UNF, a nationally ranked university located on an environmentally beautiful campus, offers
students who are dedicated to enriching the lives of others the opportunity to build their own
futures through a well-rounded education.
Media Contact: Jo Przybylowicz
Marketing Coordinator
(904) 756-5711