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Ancient Greece’s Culture
Page Number 154-161
Guiding Questions:
1.What is the main Idea of “Greek
Mythology” Section?
2. What is a myth AND what did
it mean to the Greeks?
3. Who was the chief god AND
where did the gods and goddesses live?
4. What was an oracle AND what was
its purpose?
5. What is the main idea of the
 The Greeks believed that gods and goddesses controlled
Nature and shaped their lives.
 A myth is a traditional story about gods and heroes.
 The Greeks used mythology to express their religious
 Zeus
 Mount Olympus
An oracle was used to tell the future.
Its purpose was to know the future so the Greeks could change it.
 Greek poetry and fables taught the Greeks values.
“Greek Poetry and Fables” section?
6. What is an epic AND WHO
Wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey?
 An epic is a long poem that the Greeks believed to be true.
 Homer
7. What is a fable AND who was the
Slave that wrote many famous fables?
 Aesop
 Greek drama still shapes entertainment today.
8. What is the main idea of the
A fable teaches a lesson using animals that act like animals
“Greek Drama” Section?
9. What were the two types of Greek
 Comedies and tragedies.
10. What is a drama?
 A drama is a story told by actors, who pretend to be
Characters in the story.
What was the oracle used for and why was it trusted? Support your reflection with EVIDENCE and explain
your thinking. You may respond in bullet or essay form.
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