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Ch 5 The Culture of Ancient Greece
Section 5-1
Homer Greek poet and author of the epics the Iliad and
the Odyssey
Aesop a Greek slave known for his famous fables,
which he composed about 550 B.C.
Sophocles a Greek general & well-known writer of
tragedies; he introduced 3 actors in his stories & placed
painted scenes behind the stage as a backdrop to the
action; his most famous plays are Oedipus, Rex and
Euripides A Greek playwright known for his tragedies
in which he questioned traditional thinking, especially
about war
Mount Olympus the highest mountain in Greece;
according to Greek mythology, the home of the 12 most
important Greek gods and goddesses.
Delphi ancient Greek city and the site of the oracle at
the Temple of Apollo.
Vocabulary Terms
comedy form of drama in which the story has a happy
drama story told by actors who pretend to be
characters in the story
epic long poem that tells about legendary or heroic
fable short tale that teaches a lesson
myth traditional story describing gods or heroes or
explaining natural events
oracle sacred shrine where a priest or priestess spoke
for a god or goddess
tragedy form of drama in which a person struggles to
overcome difficulties but meets an unhappy end