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Land of
Of Ancient
The Pharaohs
Daily life
In Ancient
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On what continent is the
Nile River Valley?
What new technology
came about because of
the Nile River?
For 1 Extra Point: What
was this new technology
used for?
Irrigation and it was
used for farming.
Describe the irrigation
methods used by the
Ancient Egyptians?
Some of the irrigation
methods used by
Ancient Egyptians are:
watering land by means
of canals or pipes and
digging canals.
Name 3 ways the people of
Ancient Egypt used the Nile
The 3 ways the people of
Ancient Egypt used the Nile
River are for drinking, for
irrigating crops and use as a
travel route.
How did the Ancient
Egyptians turn the Nile
into a “highway”?
The Ancient Egyptians
developed boats.
Who was the undisputed head
of Egypt?
For 1 Extra Point: What does
it mean?
The Pharaoh was head of
Egypt and it refers to “the
great palace” in which
the rulers lived. Later, it
became the name given to
all the rulers of Egypt.
Who unified Ancient Egypt?
For 1 Extra Point: Describe
what he did to the two crowns
and what color were they?
Menes unified Ancient
Egypt. The two crowns
were called the Red
Crown (Upper Egypt) and
the White Crown (Lower
Egypt) which turned into
the Double Crown.
What role did hieroglyphics
play in Egypt?
It gave the government a way
to communicate to all parts of
How would you describe
the role the Pharaoh played
in Egypt?
The Pharaoh was the
major power in
government, religion,
and the economy.
What was the greatest
achievement of this period ?
For 1 Extra Point: Name the
person who order it built?
The greatest
achievement would be
the construction of the
Great Pyramid. It was
ordered to be built by
the Pharaoh Khufu.
Who was the “Queen who was
Hatshepsut, she
was the first female
Who did the Egyptians lose
Lower Egypt to and how long
did it take Egypt to regain
their land back?
For 1 Extra Point: By what
means/methods did the
Egyptians get their land back?
The Egyptians lost their land
to the Hyksos and it took the
Egyptians 100 years to get it
back. The Egyptians learned
from their mistakes and fought
the Hyksos with horses,
chariots, strong bronze
weapons and bows and arrows.
Explain Hatshepsut’s
expedition and why would
she do it?
Hatshepsut’s expedition
was to Punt. This
expanded trading in which
Egypt got new ideas,
goods, and technology.
Why was Nubia important?
Nubia important because it
was very rich with gold.
Why is the discovery of King
Tutankhamun’s Tomb
For 2 Extra Points: Name some
of the items that was discovered
in the tomb?
The discovery of King
Tutankhamun’s Tomb was
important because it was the first
tomb discovered that was almost
totally intact. It gave historians a
better picture of how the
Egyptian people buried their
Pharaoh and a how the afterlife
was important part of their
What is a Social Pyramid?
For 8 Extra Points: Name
all 8 Classes.
A Social Pyramid is a diagram
illustrating the divisions within a
culture; usually showing the most
powerful person or group at the top
peak and the least powerful groups
at the bottom. The 8 classes were:
slaves (bottom), farmers, artisans,
merchants, scribes, soldiers,
government officials and pharaoh
What kind of work did the
slaves do?
The slaves did much of the
hardest and dirtiest work.
What different varieties of
workers labored on Egypt’s big
They were farmers, herders,
bakers, brewers, brickmakers,
and variety of craftworkers.
Why was the farmer’s work
“never done”?
Even when the back-breaking work of
planting and harvesting was finished,
farmers still had to labor for the
government on public projects.
What does the “Gift of the
Nile” mean?
The “Gift of the Nile” means
if it was not for the longest
river in the world the Ancient
Egyptians would not have
any means of work and
travel. The Nile’s floods
gave water to the crops so
Egypt could flourish.
The practice of one person
owning another person.
An empire is a group of
lands and people ruled
by one government.
What is an expedition?
An expedition is a group
of people who go on a
trip for a set reason.
Hieroglyphics are……..
The Ancient Egyptian
system of writing that used
symbols to stand for
objects, ideas, or sounds.
The economy of a country is….
the way its people manage
money and resources for the
production of goods and