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Child Development – Apgar Scale
1. What is the purpose of the Apgar scale?
2. Name three of the four physical tests the baby goes through on the Apgar scale.
3. What is a reflex of a newborn?
4. Name and describe 3 reflexes.
5. What kind of an Apgar score would a baby born to a drug addicted or alcoholic mother
have compared to a mother who was healthy and did no drugs?
6. Name something that tends to soothe a baby.
7. Define incubator.
8. What is “rooming in?”
9. True or False: The Apgar testing takes place after the first month of the baby being born.
10. Name and describe 5 of the 7 basic needs of a baby.
11. True or False: The baby’s reflexes disappear after a short period of time.
12. Describe a baby’s eyesight during the first few weeks after birth.
13. What is the average weight of a newborn?
14. What is an example of the newborn exhibiting Language (P.L.I.E.S.)?