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Crime - Three Phases of Hacking:
Phase 1. 1960-1970s, when hacking was a
positive term
Phase 2. 1970-to-Mid 1990s, when hacking
took on its more negative meanings
Phase 3. Beginning of Mid-1990s, with the
growth of the web and of e-commerce and
participation of a large portion of the public
1. What did the word hacker mean
in the early days of computing?
2. Is it legal to release a computer
virus that puts a funny message on
people's screens but does not
damage files?
3. "What is phishing?
4. Describe one method financial
Web sires use to convince a
consumer the site is authentic.
5. What is one problem with using
biometrics for identification?
7. Suppose a 16-year-oSd hacker uses
automatic-dialing software to flood the
emergency 911 telephone system with
calls, knocking out 911 service- What
penalty do you think is appropriate?
7. To reduce scams that steal from people
banking online, some people suggest creating a
new Internet domain name ".bank," available
only lo chartered banks. Consider the identity
theft and fraud techniques we discussed. Which
ones would this new domain help prevent? For
which would it be ineffective? Overall, do you
think it is a good idea? Why or why not?