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At Work 2. MK - Language Work - Grammar - The Definite Article - Explanation
The definite article is used:
• before proper names in the plural: the USA, the Alps.
• before the words cinema/pictures/movies, theatre, cathedral and office: We agreed to go to the movies to
see the new Star Wars film.
• when we have the verb play together with a musical instrument: My friend plays the percussion.
• before the names of oceans, seas, rivers, hotels, theatres, cinemas, ships and most newspapers and
magazines: In the weekends I often read the Daily Telegraph.
The definite article is not used:
• before proper names in the singular: I walk through Regent's Park every morning.
• before the nouns church, school, college, market, hospital, prison, sea, work, bed when the building or
place is used for what it is really meant for: We go to school almost every day. But: They agreed to meet
outside the school.
• before terms like life, death, time, truth and crime if they are used in general sense: Crime is becoming a
big problem in Norway too. Life is wonderful. But if we talk about a special life or a special crime we have to
use the article: The crime committed by the defendant was terrible.
• when we talk about our daily meals: When do you have breakfast? But if we talk about the food or a special
meal we use the article: The dinner was quite good.
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