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Mr. Carey’s Geometry Class
Chapter One Definitions
1) There are three so-called “undefined terms” in geometry. What are they?
2) A __________ is a location with no dimension, illustrated with a dot.
3) A _________ is a straight path with no thickness that extends in opposite directions without end.
4) A _________ is a flat surface that extends without end, and which has no thickness.
5) A __________ is a geometric rule we can accept without proof.
6) A ___________is a geometric rule we must prove to accept.
7) The part of a line with two endpoints is a ______________.
8) A ________ is part of a line with one endpoint and all the points of the line extending on one side of that
9) Two lines that lie on the same plane but never meet are said to be _______________.
10) Two lines that meet at a 90 degree angle are said to be ________________.
11) If points lie on the same line, they are said to be _______________.
12) If points lie in the same plane, they are said to be _______________.
13) Things that have the same measure are said to be _________________.
14) Two different rays that have the same endpoint (known as a vertex) create a _________.
15) An angle that measures less than 90 degrees is said to be _________.
16) An angle that measures exactly 90 degrees is said to be ________________.
17) An angle that measures between 90 and 180 degrees is said to be _____________.
18) Two angles that add up to 90 degrees are said to be __________________.
19) Two angles that add up to 180 degrees are said to be ________________.
20) Two angles with a common side and a common vertex are said to be ________.
21) Two angles whose sides are opposite rays are said to be _______.