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Traits to improve plant performance and tools to enable research
• Genes and methods for improved plant disease resistance, insect control, nematode
control, herbicide tolerance , yield, and stress resistance
• Genetic transformation, novel nucleic acid delivery methods, gene expression elements
• Genome editing tools
• Metabolomics, proteomics, genomics
• Protein design and evolution
• High throughput DNA synthesis
Advanced breeding technologies to deliver elite plant varieties
Di-haploid seed production
Marker/sequence assisted breeding tools
Breeding traits or quantitative trait loci for row crops and vegetables
Novel vegetable varieties with improved nutrition or taste
Big data solutions for effective information visualization
Naturally derived microbes or preparations to support plant health
• Microbes applied as seed or foliar treatments for disease control, plant health, and
plant growth
• RNAi, proteins, and peptides for control of fungal, bacterial & viral diseases, insects,
herbicide resistance management and to support bee health
• Formulation technologies for delivery of microbes and biologicals
Precision Ag and field technologies for optimized farm management
• Field or aerial robotics, sensors, imaging, with wireless connectivity to monitor plant
health, soil nutrients, water status, and detect pathogens & insects
• Hardware and software related to planting, fertilizing, and crop management
• Field-deployable nucleic acid and protein detection
• Decision tools for environmental, disease, and crop modeling
• Automation in field, green house, & lab to improve efficiency and accuracy
Selective chemistries for crop protection and health
• Active ingredients for seed treatment or foliar applications for disease control,
plant growth, and crop health
• New herbicides with novel modes of action
• Formulation technologies for chemistry delivery contributing to stability,
improved performance, controlled release, and safety