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3.1 – The Atom: From
Philosophical Idea to Scientific
Early investigation led to the
discovery of 3 basic laws…
Law of conservation of mass – mass
can’t be created or destroyed
during ordinary chemical reactions
or physical changes.
Law of definite proportions –
chemical compounds contain the
same elements in exactly the same
proportions by mass regardless of
the size of the sample or source of
Law of multiple proportions –
when elements combine, the ratio
of masses of the second element
combined with a certain mass of
the first element is always a ratio of
small whole numbers.
Helped to form…
Dalton’s Atomic Theory
1. All matter is composed of extremely
small particles called atoms
2. Atoms of a given element are
identical in size, mass, and other
properties; atoms of different
elements differ in size, mass, and
other properties.
3. Atoms cannot be subdivided,
created, or destroyed.
4. Atoms of different elements
combine in simple whole number
ratios to form chemical compounds.
5. In chemical reactions, atoms are
combined, separated, or rearranged.
Dalton’s Atomic Theory
Parts are now invalid.
Is this still a theory?
Complete the section review on
page 71 and do numbers 1-3 for