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Human Body Systems
7th grade 2014
Circulatory System
• Working with the respiratory system, it carries
needed materials to cells and carries away
form cells,
• Removes wastes from the body
Digestive System
• break down food into molecules the body can
• allow materials to be absorbed into
• Eliminate wastes
Endocrine System
• controls many of the body's daily activities as
• well as long-term changes such as
Excretory System
• Waste chemicals, salts, and excess water are
removed from the body;
• excess salts and water removed in sweat;
• waste gases are eliminated in exhaled breath
from lungs
Immune System
• distinguish between different kinds of
pathogens (disease/germ) with a defense
• targeted specifically at that pathogen
Integumentary System
• protects body from injury; helps regulate
• Eliminate waste;
• gather information about the environment;
• produce vitamin D
Muscular System
• provides force to move bones;
• automatically control movements inside the
body, ex: heart beats
Nervous System
• receives and relays information for your body
to maintain homeostasis,
• stable internal environment
Respiratory System
• moves oxygen from outside environment into
the body;
• removes carbon dioxide and water from the
Skeletal System
protects the organs,
Provides shape & support,
allows for movement,
produces blood cells,
stores some materials for use later