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Khandallah Arts Theatre AUDITIONS
The Wind in the Willows
By Alan Bennett
Adapted from the book by Kenneth Grahame
Directed by Shannon Tubman
We are looking for a cast of 17 – 20 performers aged 10 years to 100 years!
TO BOOK AN AUDITION TIME, ring Production Manager, Marj Lawson,
972 6180 or 027 223 7797
The dates
Auditions are Sunday 9th April (10 am to 4 pm) and Tuesday 11th April (7.30 – 8.30pm)
Rehearsals start Tuesday May 2nd and are on Tuesdays 7.30 – 10pm, Wednesdays 6pm –
8pm and Sundays 2pm – 5pm. Whenever possible, the rehearsal schedule will try to allow
younger performers to leave early.
Performances are Thursday July 20th – Saturday July 29th: evenings first Thursday and both
Fridays and Saturdays; matinees both Saturdays and first Sunday.
The experience
Theatre is a vibrant and engaging experience for all ages. It builds confidence and lifelong
friendships. Acting and performance can lead to other valuable theatre related skills. We hope to
create an environment where the younger performers not only have fun but are inspired by those
around them. We hope the older performers and production team get a kick out of seeing their
chosen hobby take hold in the next generation.
The play
Wind in the Willows is a classic story of friendship and adventure, peppered with lessons in morality
and manners. The gregarious and warm characters of Toad, Mole, Ratty and Badger have been
capturing children’s hearts and imaginations since 1908. This theatrical version is written with the
wit and satire that Alan Bennett is renowned for, much of the humour is aimed directly at adults, but
the characters, action and physical comedy will tickle children and carefree adults alike. Come help
us recreate the rich world of Wind in the Willows.
The characters
Roles specifically for adults
The four lead characters are for adult performers of any gender. We’re looking for performers with
high energy, strong characterisations and a good awareness of their physicality. Singing or
movement skills are a bonus, but not essential.
Mole; A mild-mannered, home-loving animal, and the first character introduced in the story.
Fed up with spring cleaning in his secluded home, he ventures into the outside world.
Initially overawed by the hustle and bustle of the riverbank, he eventually adapts.
Rat; Known as "Ratty" (though actually a water vole), he is cultured, relaxed and friendly and
enjoys a life of leisure; when not spending time on the river, he composes poetry. Ratty
loves the river and takes charge of Mole. He can be stubborn when it comes to doing things
outside his riverside lifestyle.
Badger; Gruff and solitary, "simply hates society", Badger embodies the "wise hermit"
figure. A friend of Toad's late father, he is uncompromising with the disappointing Toad, yet
remains optimistic that his good qualities will prevail. A brave and skilled fighter.
Toad; The wealthy owner of Toad Hall. Although good-natured, kind-hearted and not
without intelligence, he is also spoiled, conceited, and impulsive. He is prone to obsessions
and crazes (such as punting, houseboats, and horse-drawn caravans). His motoring craze
eventually sees him imprisoned for theft, dangerous driving, and gross impertinence to the
Roles open to all (ages 10 upwards)
The world of Wind in the Willows is made rich by all the animals and people who inhabit it. The play
has 43 written parts. Most performers will be cast in multiple roles, possibly up to four different
roles. Everyone cast will get a speaking part.
The Woodland Creatures; Rabbits (Robert, Rose, Ronald), Hedgehogs (Herbert, Harry and
Tommy) and the Field Mice. The friendly creatures who follow the adventures of Mole,
Ratty, Badger and Toady. These creatures like to gossip, to join in the fun and help make the
story a fast paced and humorous one.
The Wild Wooders; Weasels (Chief, Norman, Wilfred), Stoat, Ferret and Fox are the baddies
of the play. They are the story's main antagonists. They plot to take over Toad Hall. These
performers need to be able to create a menacing and threatening presence on stage.
The role of Chief Weasel is quite large, and is less likely to be doubled with other
roles. This role requires a confident performer, who is not only capable of portraying
the leader of the gang of Wild Wooders, but comfortable being in charge of
entrances and starting scenes.
Fox is a dapper elegant member of the Wild Wooders, nothing like the thugs that
make up the rest of the gang.
The Humans; Monica & Rupert (Motorists), Magistrate, Clerk, Policeman, Bargewoman,
Train Driver, Gypsy, Gaoler's Daughter, Washerwoman, Salesman (many of these ‘human’
roles have the potential for humorous characterisations and cameo like status).
Otter & Portly; Otter is a friend of Ratty with stereotypical "Cockney costermonger"
characteristics – he is extrovert, tough and self-sufficient. Portly is his young son. They only
appear in one scene.
Albert the Horse; A depressed horse with many of the wittiest lines, requires a dry delivery,
without dropping energy or pace.
Magistrate; This is a very wordy role that features heavily in one scene, a brilliant
opportunity for a cameo performance. Exceptional diction and pace required.